Return to Training Rules

Elitefoot Return To Training Guide

This guide has been developed based on the following institutions / organisations in order to to protect the health and wellbeing of the Elitefoot community and wider public during the COVID-19 pandemic:

• Australia Government

• Queensland Government

• Australian Institute of Sports (AIS)

• Football Queensland (FQ)

• Sleeman Sports Complex Policies

Elitefoot has decided to return to its activities AFTER the implementation of the STAGE THREE of the roadmap released by the Federal and Queensland State governments where Standard activity permitted to occur for up to 100 people. However still restrictions apply and must be followed by everyone involved including Elitefoot staff, players, parents/caregivers and supporters.
Please follow the guidelines below in order to comply to the above organisation and their recommendations.

You must not attend training if in the past 14 days you:

• Have been unwell or had any flu-like symptoms.

• Have been in contact with a known or suspected case of COVID-19.

• Have had any respiratory symptoms (even if mild); or Are at a high risk from a health perspective, including the elderly and those with pre-existing medical heath conditions.

Those with even mild symptoms are strongly encouraged to get tested.

Entry will be refused to any person with COVID-like symptoms, or who is known in the last 14 days to have (or had) symptoms, contact with a known/suspected case, or be at high risk
All individuals attending training must:

• Wash hands with hand sanitiser immediately before and after training and during scheduled breaks in training – Hand Sanitisers will be provided at the venue and at each court.

• Not share drink bottles and clearly label their own bottle. Keep water bottles distant from others.

• Place their training bib in the bag provided by Elitefoot at their court after you finish your training session – Only one bib per player will be used and provided by Elitefoot.

• Cover mouth and nose with your elbow (not your hands) • Avoid the use of public toilets, however if necessary, ensure hands are washed thoroughly • Avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean


When attending training, the following conditions must be observed:

• You must not arrive more than 10 minutes prior to training commencing and leave immediately after the end of their training session. Please check the layout sent by email for drop off and pick up points.

• You must not congregate at the entry point

• You must arrive prepared to train – changing rooms will not be in use

• If reasonably practical, only one parent/caregivers to take their child(ren) to training

• Parents/carers to keep a reasonable distance from the courts and from each other’s

• An accurate record of all attendees (including parents/carers) for the purposes of contact tracing will be kept, including full name, phone number, date and time of attendance.

Please get in contact with the Club if you have any concerns in regards this document or any other questions.

admin@elitefoot.com.au facebook/eliefootau
Instagram/elitefootau TeamApp
For information about the venue please visit: https://sleemansports.com.au


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